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Coaches and Team Management

South Four Soccer will work to identify quality coaches at a grassroots level and develop them into important volunteers within our organization through subsidized coaches training and other club supports. The club will strive to continuously recruit high quality coaches who can provide new or transitioning teams with sound leadership. As the head decision maker of a team, the Head Coach will be responsible for assigning his or her own Manager, Assistant Coaches (if required) and other team officials (i.e. Treasurer). If requested, South Four Soccer can assist in identifying and placing team officials. South Four Soccer retains final authority in coaching placement decisions, though it is intended that the club will not intervene in coaching placement decisions unless required to do so (i.e. supporting new teams or replacing departing coaches).  

Competitive teams will receive parent and player surveys at the end of each season to be optionally completed and submitted to the club. These surveys will be used, in part, to ensure team official adherence to the club Code of Conduct standards and also to monitor coaching and team performance (both for evaluative feedback purposes and, potentially, disciplinary reasons). Only in cases where teams, by majority consensus, have requested a change of team officials while also expressing a desire to stay at the club, will South Four Soccer consider intervening in team official placements.

South Four Technical staff will always be available to provide guidance and mentorship, to all coaches, players and teams.

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