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All South Four CMSA teams(U8 to U19) will be given a Coach-led 60 to 75 minute practice per week.  Additional practice times may be available, at additional costs. No additional cost for the outdoor season.

Technical training by South Four staff is available to all teams, by request, at an additional cost.  


Technical Training

South Four Soccer will provide a technical training package for all teams in all tiers, as part of their registration package.


Additional technical training may also be available on a team by team basis (at an additional cost). Teams may use club assigned second practice times for additional technical training sessions or request the club book additional gym or field space (at an added cost) for added technical training. Please note that the club cannot guarantee availability of additional gym or field space for added technical training purposes.


Code of Conduct

Though teams are independently managed, all South Four Soccer members (including parents, technical trainers, committee members, volunteers and team officials) are expected to adhere to the club Code of Conduct. Any members adjudged to be in breach of the stipulations laid out in the Code of Conduct as outlined below, may be subject to suspension or, in extreme cases, termination of membership, volunteer roles or coaching duties without refund or option of appeal.  Discipline decisions will be determined by the club Discipline Committee.

Code of Conduct:

All members and team officials shall act respectfully towards other members and team officials, club and league representatives, opposing players, parents, and league referees. Disrespectful behavior may include, but is not limited to; bullying, derogatory comments and gestures, instigating and aggressive language or actions, violence and all other forms of harassment as identified in the Calgary Minor Soccer Association Harassment Policy (linked: here).

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