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How do I register?

To Register for a program “Click” on either the Register tab or the Member Zone Registration logo on our website to access your account.  If you are new to the South Four family, you need to set up a family profile. You need to add your players to your profile in order to select programs, these will be listed as “Add Family Members”.  Once all the information has been added programs will be available for registration for that child these will show up automatically for you to choose. Please note, you are not registered until you have completed payment process


How do I pay my registration fees?

Online payments at time of registration only Visa or Master-card. E-transfers are accepted and must communicated through the office before registration will be completed – e-transfers sent to

Can I play with my friends?

Put this information in the special requests box on the program option page at the time of registration and we will do our best to accommodate this. Any such requests from Competitive players must be directed to the Technical Director

Our child is only 6 and is in the U7 group?  Can he/she move up to the next age group?
Your child will be automatically registered in the appropriate age group; however, you may request that your player be considered for an older age group. Please contact the office at

Do I have to play in my community?

No, you can choose any community program that works best for your family.

When does the season start?

Please refer to the "Program Guide” page located under the drop-down menu on our website for specific dates.  As well as your PowerUp account will have all details under the “Players Name” on the right-hand side of the screen. 

Is it possible to register after the deadline has passed?

If online registration has concluded, please contact the office at and indicate the age group for which you wish to register. We will then assess availability and additional fees will apply. 

What does my child need in order to play?

For U4-U11 House League players; soccer cleats are required for outdoor play and indoor soccer shoes for the indoor season. Runners may also be utilized for either season, along with shin pads, water bottle. For these age groups, the team will provide a jersey, socks, shorts, and a ball that they may keep. 


For U7-U19 CMSA players; New shorts and socks will be supplied each outdoor season and a jersey that MUST be returned at the end of the season.  Additionally, academy players will be provided with an academy jersey each outdoor season. 

Do I need a CMSA Player ID card?
Any U11– U19 player cannot play without one. All players U11 and above need a CMSA Player ID card and all Team Officials U9 and above also need one. If you are a returning player with South Four Soccer, it is your responsibility to retrieve your card from your last coach.  Please refer to the CMSA website for more information. 

How do I complete my CMSA player waiver?
All CMSA parents must complete a waiver form before a player can be placed on a team roster. Each waiver lasts for a year – Indoor players are covered for the Indoor and following Outdoor seasons. The waiver form will be e-mailed to your designated contacts e-mail address, and you must acknowledge that you’ve read it, agree to it and send it back to CMSA. Contact the office if you have any questions.

Where can I find the game schedules?

CMSA league game schedules can be found on the Calgary Minor Soccer Association website

Why do we need Field Marshalls at our CMSA games?
Field Marshalls are parent volunteers from each team that work with their team spectators to support the game and team officials. Unfortunately, abuse of officials at games continues to be common. In support of our referees and team officials, spectators will be reminded by their team field marshall that abusive language or behaviour is not tolerated.

We had a terrible referee in our last game. How can I file a complaint?
Fill out the Referee Evaluation Form online through the CMSA website under the Coaches and Manager Area.  The CMSA Referee Coordinator will review the evaluation.

How do I know which level to enter my competitive player in?
Each age group has different levels of play, so we advise any new players to attend tryouts and we can go from there.

When will try-outs be held?
 All Competitive players will be contacted when dates and times have been determined.

I am unable to attend tryouts but wish to be considered for a Tier I-IV team. What am I able to do?
As soon as tryout dates are released and you realize there is a date conflict, please contact us immediately at

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